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Diversity Matters, Bravo Cheerios & Wake Up Ad Industry

Posted by georgiannasaysjustdoyou on June 1, 2013

Some of you may have seen the new Cheerios commercial that features a beautiful family talking about the heart healthy quality of the cereal. It is a total feel-good commercial, right up there with the mushy commercials that make me misty-eyed.

Here is the clip from YouTube:

Is there anything that stands out about this commercial? It is a scene that is familiar to me, so at first, no, nothing in particular stood out. But then, this is not everyone’s “normal”. It seemed perfectly natural to me that a brown child have parents who are two different races. My parents have an interracial marriage, my mother being White and my father being Puerto Rican with tan skin. My children have me and their father who is a different race from me and both of my parents.

Has anyone read the 2010 census? Have they looked at the numbers of families/individuals who identify as multi-racial? Well, someone at Cheerios did. BRAVO to the ad team that presented this idea to Cheerios and BRAVO to Cheerios for embracing it, airing it and standing up to the backlash of racist feedback that resulted.

The ad industry is finally venturing into the real world where families look…well, like this family and lots of variations of races. I couldn’t bring myself to read the comments. I didn’t want to give my energy to the bad behavior. So I am giving my energy to the good behavior. I will put my money where my mind, and my family are…I am going to BUY MORE Cheerios and other General Mills Products. I am going to campaign for others to do the same. To show businesses that people do care about how they are portrayed, they do care about responsible and healthy representations of reality. Diversity matters. Embracing diversity matters and it DOES have a positive impact on your bottom line when you are responsive to the community you serve…to your clients.

I only have so many dollars to spend, but spend them I will, on products and services that are responsible and responsive. I am not saying we have arrived. As someone on a Facebook post wrote, we will know we have made progress when you have an interracial, same sex couple with a child of a different race from either of them…possibly with a disability? This is the real world. Families do not look the same. If you want to appeal to us, represent us.

I don’t have the answers, but I always have thoughts. Won’t you share yours?


One Response to “Diversity Matters, Bravo Cheerios & Wake Up Ad Industry”

  1. Evelyn said

    Beautifully expressed. It is great the Cheerios got with today’s level of acceptance and I do agree that more have to work on the same. The funny thing is that the first and only time I saw the commercial I was taken by the pretty little girl with such a big line to say that I didn’t even notice the family was interracial. Wonder what that says. It’s maddening to hear some “assure me” that they “don’t see color. But of course in this case I don’t believe it is about NOT seeing color (invisibility) but about not noticing because it is normal. We have come a long way though. I remember my mother (cause as you know racism happens within our culture as well) seeing an interracial couple in the 70s and saying, “That’s such a shame. She’s so pretty.” Yikes! I myself believe that we would have arrived when there is no longer a need to have these dialogues. Nice piece Georgiana! Thanks for sharing.

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