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You Can Only Do It All In Your Head

Posted by georgiannasaysjustdoyou on December 23, 2011

…it’s not realistic in real life to do it all.

Are you a “yes” person? I am not referring to the type of “yes” person who is unable to say “no”. I am talking about the “yes” person who says yes because s/he thinks s/he can actually do all the things they say yes to…

There is a difference between being super-busy and superhuman. If you are a planner, organized and have a good sense of time-management, then you have nothing to worry about. If you are like the rest of us, you are good at some of these things some of the time and not at others…which leads to being overwhelmed and stressed. During holiday seasons in particular is when most people show it even if they always feel it. It is important to take time to reflect on your superhuman abilities and do some reality testing.

* Start keeping a list of the commitments you make (visual aides are super helpful);
* write down your timeline for getting it done (when you realistically think it will be done by);
* write down what you need to get it done (make sure you have access to this stuff within the timeline);
* If you can put in on a calendar that has a month at a time view…it will help you see how many competing priorities you have;
* don’t leave off the regular commitments like: eating; picking up kids; medical/dental appointments; carpools, grocery shopping; working out, etc.

Remember that there are only 24 hours in a day and you must sleep at some point!!!
It is good to be confident in your ability to get things done, it is better to be confident that you will have the time to do it right!

I don’t have the answers, but I always have thoughts. Won’t you share yours?


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