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Passing Judgment

Posted by georgiannasaysjustdoyou on August 15, 2011

“The only difference between a flower and a weed is judgment” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

This is a powerful quote. I was driving this weekend and a man walked off the sidewalk without looking at me and walked in front of my truck. I barely had time to respond and was able to stop just short of hitting him. He did not flinch, he did not look at me and he did not acknowledge his disregard for oncoming traffic. For a second I felt my anger rise and by the grace of God, I stuffed it and looked at him.

He looked like a man who had been through a lot. Not like a man who did not have a care in the world, but a man who had too many cares. Instead of anger, I felt compassion for him and was worried about him. My mind wandered down the road of what could possibly be so heavy that he would walk into traffic either not caring if he was hit or not really aware that he was doing it. An unsweet oblivion could have been tragic. If I had looked down at the radio or if I had turned to look at something on the other side of the road, he would not have stood a chance.

We go through life thinking about how other people’s behavior affects us, not why they behave the way that they do. We are, by nature, egocentric. What a different world it would be if we practiced the opposite.

I do not always behave this way, I often get angry or frustrated. It was a reminder to me that my reaction is a choice. This quote was a reminder to me that I base my choices on my judgment of the person or situation, often without thinking it through.

I do not have the answers, but I always have thoughts. Won’t you share yours?


4 Responses to “Passing Judgment”

  1. Really elevated stuff. Great job Georgianna!!

  2. Georgia said

    At times, we all get caught up in our emotions and act as we feel and disregard what is right. That’s is why I pray for Jesus to continuously help me ‘act’ and not ‘react’. Keep on sharing your experiences Georgianna.

  3. Sometimes we get so involved w/ what we think and what we know. Are we truely knowing what we think, know and what we’re involved in. I say pitch a few lawn chairs at the supermarket and just watch ppl in their SUPER busy DAZE and think to yourself, “Is that what I want for me N mine”. A lot of ?’s are asked and very few have been answered. Lets just say get enough, to take a chance. A chance on another human being that other look down on cuz they might not be of the same mix, what ever that might be. Right now I hear a lot of Hate in the world and it makes me wonder if ppl really hate themselves, hate the world, or are they just misdirected in their thoughts

  4. Garry Kingma said

    I had a rich uncle who was in failing health. His fortune of $435,000 was all in cashable investments at a bank. He had wanted this distributed equally between four families, one of which was our own family of six. He had asked me to be his executor but I refused, even though I stood to recieve an executor’s fee of @ $40,000 at the time of his death. I told him it would be better if my sister did the job because she was less well off than I. I specifically asked her beforehand to be fair and honest about it.
    A quick calculation would lead one to believe that each family should receive about $100,000 after modest funeral expenses and executor,s fee are subtracted.
    However, unbeknownst to me she had taken my dear uncle, who was age 78 and had suffered two strokes to a lawyer to make a few “adjustments” to his will, one of which was to leave the finer details on distribution at the executor’s (her) sole descretion. Shortly thereafter he died
    She called me a few weeks after the funeral and said she would be dividing $70,000 between the six of us. I asked her if this was one quarter of the estate. She replied that it was. Well, 70,000×4=$280,000 which is a far cry from $400,000. I asked her to provide me with supporting documents explaining the calculations. “I can’t tell you that”, she said. And she never has.
    If she was truly poor I could understand. But she had a “golden goose” of a husband who has paid her way since she was married at age 21. He paid off competely the $300,000 home she lives in and to which she has sole title. She received $1 million in life insurance after the dear man died unexpectedly at age 60. iShe has basically coasted through life.
    I’m not envious of her “success” but I ask how I might forgive such a betrayal of trust.

    I need to look at the conditions of earthly life i guess. We are fearful, regardless of our stash of wealth. regardless of how great it might be. We forget how fleeting life is and it’s purpose which has very little to do with material wealth. “Gather for yourselves treasures in heaven”, are the words of Jesus. Acquire a skill, live humbly and cheerfully serve your fellow man. Thus you will never lack the essentials of life on earth nor be denied peaceful rest in the hereafter..

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