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Comparing Yourself to the Joneses…

Posted by georgiannasaysjustdoyou on February 21, 2011

Most of us do this even when we aren’t meaning to do it.  We compare ourselves to other people.   Sometimes it validates us, other times it makes us feel bad about ourselves and sometimes it even makes us want to count our blessings.

Facebook adds an interesting layer to how we view other people in our lives.  On our friends list are family members, elementary school friends we haven’t seen in many years, old high school friends, college friends, people we network with but aren’t really that close to…and we watch their lives as they want to portray it.

Now we all know that what people put out there is intentional.  They actually make a decision about what to write, what to post and what they want others to know about them.  Some people have absolutely no filter (and we wish they would) and others filter so much that you think their life is utopia.

So my thought for today, is to live your life they way you want to and in a way you can be proud of, not in a way that you think you should be living based on how other people seem to be living their lives.

The Joneses have secrets.  They have histories of trauma.  They have skeletons in their closet.  They are, after all, human.  It doesn’t mean that they are not being truthful in what they share, they are just telling a part of the story.

I don’t have the answers, but I always have thoughts.  Won’t you share yours?


3 Responses to “Comparing Yourself to the Joneses…”

  1. Live our own lives. Perhaps the Joneses know and have things (ideas) that we can learn from which is wonderful. That’s about the extent of the influence we should give to others though. Be true to Self…

  2. This is an awesome post!

  3. Hi Georgianna,

    Came over from Linked In.

    Timely post. Noticed that about FB. It can be very Ozzie and Harriet.

    Folks compare themselves to folks not knowing those folks are comparing themselves to other folks and so on. This starts in grade school with all this absurd testing. People are different with different strengths. Not everyone will be or should be good in math. Until we get our schools right, folks will grow up believing one upping each other is the norm. Thanks! G.

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