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Common Sense, Not So Common

Posted by georgiannasaysjustdoyou on December 1, 2010

Answering your cell phone during an interview…really? I read that in one of my tweets and it has  stuck with me. I have seen some outrageous behavior during job interview sessions. You really need to think about the impression you are giving others if you have something to gain or lose in your actions.

A job interview is supposedly very important. You wear your Sunday clothes. You want people to want you to be part of their team.

Interesting choices I have seen people make in interviews:

Taking off shoes…?
Propping feet up on coffee table…?
Bringing their lunch…(I’m not kidding)
Telling me all the reasons they know I will not hire them…and how it is discrimination???
Showing up late and telling me how much time they have before they have to leave…!?!?
Chewing gum and snapping it (not terrible, but not great either).
Showed up wearing jeans and flip flops…

Okay, the list is much longer. But you get the point.
It is one thing to be confident in your abilities, but really? People who don’t know you, don’t really know you. They only know what you put on paper. An interview is your opportunity to back it up. So don’t screw it up by being careless about the details. You are selling yourself!

Be confident and be in charge of your messaging. Use common sense…

I don’t have the answers, but I always have thoughts.  Won’t you share yours?


3 Responses to “Common Sense, Not So Common”

  1. Reading this Georgianna reminds me of another, though related, topic called “self sabotage”…

  2. Latonia said

    LOL! This is very funny and what makes it worse…I know its true!!! I didn’t think things were thaaaaat random during an interview… “Taking off shoes…?”….what’s that about?…lol! I just saw the link to this from facebook. Thanks for sharing!

    Hope all is well!!!


  3. […] to job interviews.  Topic title: Common Sense, Not So Common.   Here is the link to her blog,  Click Here! Check it out, its a really quick […]

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