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“No” – A self-fulfilling prophecy

Posted by georgiannasaysjustdoyou on November 18, 2010

So many people defeat themselves before they even start.

Why do we do this to ourselves? That’s easy, being rejected by ourselves is far easier to take than being rejected by somebody else. The higher the emotional stake, the harder it is for us to take that first step.

I am relatively fearless, but not in all situations. For me it is about weighing the risks. What harm can realistically come from being rejected? If it is an ego bruise, that has weight, but how much is up to us individually. Imagine what happens if someone says yes? You won’t actually know unless you ask.

I remember learning about how to fund-raise for a non-profit. It was extremely difficult for me to ask people for even $100. Now, I don’t bat an eyelash in asking for $100,000. What changed? Just my understanding and my emotional stake. I understand that people won’t part with money they don’t have. I learned that people won’t typically support a cause they don’t believe in. I learned that the worst that can happen is that they say no. There is obviously a lot more homework that goes into it, but you get the picture.

Here is one fun example from a fundraiser of the past. My organization was planning a fundraising gala for its 30th anniversary. We wanted a celebrity that had draw and that understood the cause on a personal level. We wanted the attendees to be inspired to give. So we brainstormed a list of celebrities who were known to be supporters of the cause. We had some big names and no connections. Finished before we started? No way! What did we have to lose? So we started googling people and finding their websites and making cold calls to their agents. We landed a very funny celebrity by the name of Brett Butler from Grace Under Fire. She was great! She didn’t hesitate and she didn’t cost us thousands of dollars. She said yes and she even bought something at our auction.

It does not always work out, but really the worst that can happen is someone says no and we have to think of another strategy for getting at what we want.

If you don’t try, then the answer is NO before you even start…

I don’t have the answers, but I always have thoughts.  Won’t you share yours?


2 Responses to ““No” – A self-fulfilling prophecy”

  1. julie said

    Great blog!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

  2. “Finished before we started? No way!”….LOVIN’ THAT!!!!

    Thanks Georgianna.

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