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Choosing Your Friends Is Like Choosing Your Family

Posted by georgiannasaysjustdoyou on September 17, 2010

They say you can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends.  Isn’t it true that our really close friends are more like family?  Who you surround yourself with helps you be the person you are each day, for better or for worse.  Why not make it for better all of the time?

Many of us are fortunate to have tight families where people love and respect each other.  Even those tight families have relatives they would rather not acknowledge or that they tolerate because they are family.  Interestingly enough, I see just as many examples of people who have that kind of relationship with friends.  When asked why they keep them around, some of the answers include that they feel awkward about excluding them because they have been around for so long, they have too many friends in common, they are practically family and they have learned to live with them.


I have been saying all along that we all make choices.  I would recommend thinking pro-actively about who you surround yourself with and if you have someone in your circle that doesn’t absolutely have to be there and who does not add to your life in a positive way…that you learn the art of breaking up with a friend.  Has anyone ever had to do this?  It is not something we normally think of doing.  I mean most of us have either broken up with someone we were dating or we were the ones broken up with so we know how it goes.  That also causes anxiety since those memories are not necessarily pleasant.

It is an amazing feeling when you start cutting the negative influences out of your life!  Try it!  Anyone have suggestions on humane and thoughtful ways to do this?  Anyone have any helpful stories to share?

I don’t have the answers, but I always have thoughts.  Won’t you share yours?


One Response to “Choosing Your Friends Is Like Choosing Your Family”

  1. There are times when I get a huge natural high when I surround myself with the people that I thrive best around, and can feed off of each others energy.

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