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Stop & Smell The Roses

Posted by georgiannasaysjustdoyou on July 12, 2010

There are so many ways that we can take care of ourselves.  We work so hard to get where we want to go.  How often do we stop to appreciate our fabulousness?

To grow a rose garden there is a lot of planning, time, nurturing and overall TLC.  When the roses bloom, do we think “great! what’s next?”  or do we stop and actually smell the roses and take in the fruit of our labor?

It is good to be driven and successful.  It is good to reach goals that we have set for ourselves.  I was reminded today that we are often very hard on ourselves and we keep pushing even when we have done good.  It’s not that we should stop moving forward, but it is good for our souls to pause before moving on to the next goal.

I don’t have the answers, but I always have thoughts.  Won’t you share yours?


3 Responses to “Stop & Smell The Roses”

  1. Alice said

    Stop and Smell the Roses
    This is the first year I planted a vegtable garden at this fairly new address. After reading your post I was reminded of my prayer request as I worked.
    I decided to start small seeing this was my first year planting a garden at this address. I dug up an area approxmimaly 6′ by 6′. Sounds like an easy task but, believe me it was alot of hard labor. I dug up all the grass than pulled all the roots out of the soil which took a couple of hours. After three blisters and very sore wrist, I completed the first fase. The next day I traveled to a farm in North Dartmouth and picked up fresh cow manure (ugly I know but, had to be done)also picked up a few bags of peak mose. Came home and mixed the cow manure in the fresh turned soil. The manure needs to dry up and than be mixed well with the soil, and peak mose. Finally after a couple of weekends I was able to plant all my vegtables. As I planted I thought about all the labor and pain I went through to plant this garden but, I know that my efforts to care, nurture, and love my garden would have wonderful results, fresh vegatbles soon. As I worked I was reminded of our relationships with husband, children co-workers friends etc. In todays world it seems that we are so willing to give up on our relationships. It is a sign of the times if it doesn’t feel right or if it takes to much effort just give up. We are so quick to criticize,insult or hurt. So, before you say or do something you cannot take back, remember the garden. If you work hard, add the right ingredtients, give it alot of love, sun and water and patitiences you will have great fruit for your labor. If you don’t you will know in your heart that you gave it all you had (no regrets).

  2. Such wonderful words to live by…thanks Alice!

  3. Georgianna,

    I Love the new word I learned today “fabulousness”. Being connected with and Loving our Authentic Selves is incredibly important. Thank you for this terrific article.


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