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Your Attitude IS Within Your Control…

Posted by georgiannasaysjustdoyou on July 9, 2010

(This is a re-post of one of my first blogs on blogspot.com.  I figured I would re-post since it took me a while to reach many of you).

Ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Ever try getting back in and getting up again? Didn’t work, did it? Why do we sometimes wake up in a bad mood, crabby, snappy?
I am sure there are many medical, dietary, mental health related causes. I am not going to dive into them.

Have you ever worked with someone who is perpetually happy? Ever put a tack on their seat because it made you mad that they were so happy? Just kidding. I have worked with people who never seem to be in a bad mood. One of them I have tried to take with me to every new job. She was just that good to be around and she was a great worker.

What is the difference between her and so many crabby people? Granted, many people are only crabby some of the time (present company included). After working with her for years and becoming great personal friends, I can tell you that for her, it comes down to attitude.

She is a single parent with many of the same stresses and concerns as many others, like: money stress; getting to and from work with a troubled car stress; childcare schedule stress; difficulty dating stress (she is so shy) and so on. This is just the surface of it. Sometimes I would listen to what was going on with her and think, “what else could possibly happen and how does she do it?”

I would flat out ask her how she could go through her day so positive and even tempered. She simply responded, “what else am I going to do?” She could be crabby. She could take out her stress on her body, her colleagues, her friends. She didn’t and she doesn’t.

She believes it is about disposition. She shakes it off and controls what she can. She is not perfect, but man, she carries herself well. She doesn’t take medication and she doesn’t even see a therapist.

I try her attitude approach on for size and sometimes I succeed. Who wants to be in a bad mood? Who benefits from your being snappy? Sometimes you tell yourself it makes you feel better to get it out of your system. Speaking for myself, I always feel guilty after I have been snappy. You can’t unsay the things you say and you can’t undo the things you do. So I routinely practice attitude adjustment. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t.

More often than not, our attitude is within our control Our behavior is ALWAYS within our control.

I do not have the answers, but I always have thoughts…  Won’t you share yours?


2 Responses to “Your Attitude IS Within Your Control…”

  1. Awesome post! When we elevate our attitude, we elevate our life!

  2. […] weeks’ blog share: Your Attitude IS Within Your Control on Georgiannasaysjustdoyou.wordpress.com Ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Ever try getting […]

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