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BCCJ 2010 Humanitarian Award

Posted by georgiannasaysjustdoyou on June 23, 2010

I am not usually into tooting my own horn, but this time I really want to share.  On June 16th, the Boston Center for Community and Justice honored me (and my family) by giving me the 2010 Humanitarian Award.

I am sharing this, because the nature of my blog and the things I choose to write about connect directly with this theme.  I do my best to walk the talk.  Social Justice, kindness…ultimately every day choices.

The inscription says:

The BCCJ Humanitarian Award is given to an individual whose actions advance the human condition of all people.  The award recognizes those who champion the welfare of those less fortunate, the ideals of fairness, respect, and dignity, and reforms promoting social justice.

I humbly accepted and openly acknowledge that there are so many people working in the trenches every day who deserve this acknowledgement…

Here are some photos from the event!


5 Responses to “BCCJ 2010 Humanitarian Award”

  1. apocalist said

    JJ- Congrats on such an amazing tribute for all the work you do! You do walk the walk and deserve all the accolades. Love the first photo- you look stunning!


  2. JJ how wonderful! Congrats, an award that recognizes all of your hard work and your beautiful soul.

  3. Philip said

    Congratulations JJ, well earned!!

  4. SO, when are you running for public office?
    A well deserved award. Family looks and is proud of you!

  5. Anna Giraldo-Kerr said

    Congrats Georgianna!
    I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

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