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Impaired Drivers…

Posted by georgiannasaysjustdoyou on June 22, 2010

If you have followed my blog, you will know that commuting is a very interesting time for me and it challenges my Christian spirit just about daily.  Today, was no exception.

Normally, when we think of impaired drivers, we think of a person driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  These folks are dangerous for sure.  There are many other ways to be considered an impaired driver.  This morning, on my way in over the Zakim bridge into Boston, driving at about 40 mph, I was next to a woman who was putting on her mascara…over 30 seconds without a glance to the road!!!

Friday I drove behind a woman in bumper to bumper traffic who was either texting or emailing…for 20 solid minutes, she did not glance up.  She missed it when cars moved forward and she was playing with her hair…all the while driving with her KNEES.  She swerved often and almost knicked the inside barrier…

I watched a man eat, talk on the phone and fidget with something all while ELBOW driving this weekend…WOW, it was a sight to see.  When I beeped at him for almost side-swiping me, he flipped ME the bird.  [taking a moment to pray for grace here].

I am a patient person in most situations, but my trigger is when other people are thoughtless and reckless [did I mention mean?].

To the impaired drivers of the world, you have a choice.  Choose to drive safely.  Is your make-up really worth an accident that has the potential to seriously injure someone or kill them?  I am not for government creating laws to mandate behavior, but I am for people exercising common sense and thinking through their choices.

I don’t have the answers, but I always have thoughts.  Won’t you share yours?


3 Responses to “Impaired Drivers…”

  1. Philip said

    I think a lot of people either feel entitled or just do not have any accountability for their behavior behind the wheel. Then they are the most surprised at the extraordinary amount that residents of Mass. pay in car insurance.

    • Sharon LaValley said

      JJ, Your sitting on the fence with this one. Pick a side. Just once.Step up.
      No one has the right to jepordize my life except me. We are a nation conceived in Law. Not all fair but we need Laws ans structure when it comes to saftey. Dope slaps should be mandatory too. Self absorption and selfishness are not rights I am willing to defend ever.I would like to dispense some good old “the right thing to do” moral justice on people who have no self restraint on being stupid and ignorant in public. You negate anything that resembles intellegent with these behaviors.This may be the only thing that will make me go Sarah Paulin on.
      My bumper sticker says “Keep Texting, I am reloading.” Unfortunately the texters and make-up whelding woman won’t see this because are busy being self indulgent.

  2. Georgianna said

    Hey Sharon, didn’t mean to be on the fence. I don’t like government making laws to dictate behavior. I meant the message to be for people to exercise common sense. The reality is that law or no law, people will make poor choices that don’t just affect them. Believe me, there are many areas in life that should be regulated, but once you invite legislators in, they have power to make adjustments and change things without voter participation…and often do so without most people even knowing. I am not anti-government either. I just think there is a balance

    Great feedback though…thanks for reading and thinking!

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