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Smart People = Thinkers

Posted by georgiannasaysjustdoyou on May 25, 2010

Putting modesty aside for a second, do you consider yourself to be a smart person?  What tells you that you are?  How do you feel that you measure against people you consider to be smart?  How do you feed your intelligence?  Where do you get your information?

Being smart is not about being book smart and having advanced degrees.  It is about your ability to take in information, process it and spit out an opinion that has been informed.  It lends itself to stimulating conversation.

Have you ever found yourself stating a strong opinion and have someone ask why you took that position?  Have you ever felt stumped for an answer?  I have HEARD that it is embarrassing…  (-;

To me, smart people are thinkers…I like spending time around them even when I do not agree with their opinions or thoughts.  It helps me to be in a state of constant learning.

This might help:

1.  Listen to smart people;

2. Discriminate in your opinions and responses to them;

3.  Offer your own opinion;

4.  Have conversations with people you don’t agree with;

5.  Read, read, read.

I don’t have answers, but I always have thoughts.  Won’t you share yours?


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