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Quality Time

Posted by georgiannasaysjustdoyou on May 20, 2010

Life is super busy.  So many of us schedule ourselves from sun up to bedtime even on the weekends.  We try to squeeze in our kids schedules, our friends we don’t get to see every day and family.  We often forget to build in time for ourselves.

As if that is not bad enough, we forget that we need quality time to just be with our significant others, just the two of us.  We also forget to have quality time with our children.  I am not talking about booking a day at 6 Flags.  I am talking about time to hang out and do things where we can talk, and have one on one interactions.

Quality time is important.  You don’t get to have time to do things over, so think about what you have now and build in time to appreciate it.

Yes, it does mean saying no to things you want to do.  Consider the cost of trying to fit it all in.  Having a day to yourself to read a book and have no other commitments should not be a rare occasion…but unfortunately, it often is.

Take time to have quality time with yourself, your significant other, and your children.  It will be refreshing.

I don’t have answers, but I always have thoughts.  I would love to hear yours.


3 Responses to “Quality Time”

  1. Barbara Jean Bohanon said

    This is the theme of my life right now….this article is speaking to me. I’m looking forward to a “slower” summer to re-evalute my “scheduling”. Thank you for writing your blog!!!

  2. Philip said

    “Super busy” seems to be the way American society is built. I find it interesting in looking at some other places in the world where there are different sociological images of how people get to spend personal time. Some countries get so much!! It’s also interesting that instances like “booking a day at six flags” has become a necessary evil in order just to fit some quality time in, with family or friends and loved ones.

    Since time is so limited for us it makes even those small things where you get to sit with your significant other at a cafe for a cup of coffee/tea or a picnic for an hour or two that much more meaningful.

  3. Great post and you are right on the money!

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