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You Can’t Undo, But you CAN Move Forward

Posted by georgiannasaysjustdoyou on April 26, 2010

You have heard this countless times…you can’t change the past, but you can move forward.  Many of us dismiss this because it is cliche.  When you hear something enough, it tends to lose its meaning.  This one is worth paying attention to if you want to choose a life that is not stuck.

Moving forward does not necessarily mean getting the forgiveness we may seek from others, changing the outcomes of a past action or taking back something we said.  What happened, happened.  Period.

It may mean that we have figured out that we need to forgive ourselves, or if that is not possible that we have allowed ourselves to put it aside in order to live.  Many of us live paralyzed from past actions.  We are worried that people will judge us not for what we do today, but what we have done in the past.

Going back to my blog on just being yourself, you can’t live your life the way other people want you to live it and you don’t have to live it the way you have lived it in the past.  Each day is a new opportunity to do exactly what you want to do.  Sometimes you have to work through obstacles that you may have created for yourself, but work through it you must.  If you do not, and you do nothing,  you are still making a choice (a default choice)…the choice to do nothing.  Doing nothing has consequences.  So when faced with the knowledge that life happens whether you participate or not, why not design a life made for you?  Don’t live in the past, create your future!

I don’t have answers, but I always have thoughts.


3 Responses to “You Can’t Undo, But you CAN Move Forward”

  1. Philip said

    This is some good stuff. Personally, I try to learn from past mistakes because lord knows I made a LOT of them (and frankly, continue to do so) But I feel like although I tend to dwell on past events I’ve learned not to get into the pattern of “what-ifs” or over analyzing choices, events, etc. I find that such things create an enormous amount of anxiety/stress that could have easily been avoided. In terms of moving forward though I’m finding a financial obstacle to be more difficult to work through than any of the other ones I have previously encountered self-created or otherwise. I’m trying to strike a balance between external and internal forces while trying to create a future, and at the moment I envy those who do not struggle with such things daily.

  2. Great post, I agree with everything you said!

  3. cheryl said

    I can totally identify with this post. In the past, I felt like I was more an “observer” of life, than a “participator”. I labelled myself that way. I was crippled with fear, afraid to participate because I was afraid to fail, afraid I wasn’t good enough. I am in a situation where I have to change my behavior. I’ve been having a difficult time with it. I don’t want to live my life this way any longer. I want to feel like an interesting person, not a dull boring person. Before, I felt like I didn’t have a choice-now, I know I do!

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